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News: Our Dialogue about AI

On 30th July started Our Dialogue about AI – shaping AI together!

Here, you can learn more about the series:


At Our Dialogue, we want to strengthen democracy through intelligently structured and transparent dialogue. Because: dialogue at eye level builds bridges, allows us to better understand challenges and tackle them together.


We divide socio-political topics into module series. A module series consists of knowledge, dialogue and solution modules. The outcomes of a module series are socially acceptable solutions that were developed in respectful dialogue on a common basis.

If we develop and implement such solutions together, we can depolarize our society.


Our Mission:

We organize discussion groups on socially relevant topics. Everyone who is part of our society has the opportunity to participate in our module series. Through the needs- and value-oriented exchange, connections between people are created that extend beyond a discussion.

Our Vision:

People meet on a personal level and exchange ideas peacefully and constructively about the important issues of our time. This is how we practice democracy and are active creators of a change-oriented, peaceful, tolerant and reflective society.

Our Values:
  • Common good
  • Sincerity
  • Transparency
  • Willingness for dialogue
  • Solution oriented

Our events are unique!

  • Mutual trust and a sense of belonging
  • Sensitivity and respect when interacting with each other
  • Seriousness of the conversation
  • Openness in spirit and accessibility in implementation
  • Focus on solutions and confidence in positive outcomes