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About us: The organization Unser Dialog

What moves Unser Dialog

  1. In the face of global polarization, it is essential for the stability of our inter-social system that we as a society find our way back to each other.
  2. The developments of our time, such as climate change, refuge, and digitalization, demand socially acceptable solutions. Such solutions must emerge from a social dialogue, because only in this way can we learn from each other and move forward together as a society without anyone being left behind.

What makes Unser Dialog unique

We combine knowledge, dialogue, and solution. Through dialogue and knowledge, we can identify relevant problems, evaluate the feasibility of solutions, and create a common basis for action.

  1. We also aim to engage with people first and their opinions second, not the other way around. In this way, human commonalities in the form of needs become apparent without large categories, such as political ideology, overshadowing them.

What gives us hope

Through dialogue, we connect generations, origins and disciplines. In this way, approaches to solutions are generated from diverse dialogue. In addition, the group then reviews the effectiveness of our solutions for efficacy, applicability, and scalability. This kind of actionism hears self-efficacy and makes results measurable!

We essentially strengthen dialogue skills to achieve a vibrant democracy that can generate socially acceptable solutions.

P. S.: This picture was created when we found our mission, vision and values and talked about how Our Dialogue would be as a person. Thank you dear artist (12 years) for your wonderful picture!