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Unser Dialog for democracy

In these module series, we deal with current political issues in Germany that have an impact on our democracy, e.g. the Bundestag elections, corruption and lobbying, or the depolarization of society.

  • In the knowledge modules we make sure that we have a common basis for discussion. We often invite experts to present their opinions and knowledge in an understandable way.
  • In the dialogue modules, we discuss how we would like to experience a democracy and what challenges we ourselves experience or observe.
  • In the solution modules, we explore how we can jointly shape the democracy of today and tomorrow. Most of the time we develop socially acceptable solutions.

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Past events at Our Dialogue for Democracy

Module series: “Bundestag Election 2021 – Living Democracy!” from 22.08.2021 to 26.09.2021

In line with the upcoming Bundestag election, we organized a module series at eye level. This consisted of 4 knowledge modules and a dialogue module. Politicians from all parties represented in the Bundestag (except the AfD*) participated, ranging from federal executives and party chairpersons to experienced members of the Bundestag. The participants were people of all ages, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds who were ready to vote and wanted to make an informed decision. *Are you interested in the reasons why the AfD did not want to participate? Feel free to send us an email.

Knowledge modules: “How does the Bundestag election work”; “Fact check: get to know and understand party programs & coalition negotiations”

In the knowledge modules, we challenged and understood the Bundestag election and its importance for our democracy. There has also been an overview of the party programs. The focus was on domestic, foreign, European, climate politics, and special aspects of the party program. We thank Prof.Dr. Monika Oberle, Sven Ivens, Marie-Isabelle Heiß, Jörg Schindler, Jamila Schäfer, Anna Neumann, Korbinian Rüger and Lothar Riebsamen for your participation! We would also like to thank all the supporters who were involved from the party offices and home offices 😉

Dialog module: “What do we wish for over the next 4 years of legislature? What do we want to achieve with our election?”

Building on the knowledge about the background of the Bundestag election and the election programs of all parties represented in the Bundestag, we held discussions. In the conversations, new perspectives were gained and our personal perspectives were reflected upon. It was all about the decision-making process, not about which party actually gets elected.

Solution module, Bundestag election on 26.09.2021: “Go vote! Your vote (no matter for whom) counts!”

Materials and resources from the event series can be found here!