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Unser Dialog about climate

Climate change affects us all and has never been a more pressing issue. That’s why we want to start a climate dialogue series as soon as possible. You can still participate in the conception!

It will be about questions like “How does the climate work at all and what are for example tipping points?” and “What can we do to cause a large-scale and effective change?”. Many people want to do something about climate change and are frustrated when their own actions have little effect on the overall system. That’s why we want to figure out together how we can make a difference that goes beyond our private actions and leaves a noticeable result!

  • In the knowledge module we get to a better understanding of the system earth.
  • In the dialogue module we talk about what climate protection means to us.
  • In the solution module, we will look at solutions that have already changed a lot in other places and adapt them to our conditions!

Feel free to contact us now if you would like to participate! We also accept suggestions and proposals, if an aspect is especially important to you.