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About us: The people behind Unser Dialog


Sara-Estelle Gößwein

Julia Kaltenborn

Our common motivation for Unser Dialog is to help shape our democracy in a vibrant way. For us, this means building bridges and experiencing real community. We want to live connected in humanity and develop solutions for the problems of our time with well-founded optimism. As initiators, we are currently structuring and coordinating the public relations, the project structure, the internal & external communication, and the program lines of our project.

I am Sara-Estelle and I love humanity and music. Nature and community make me happy. Sincere conversations are my favorite way to find inspiration. Experiences abroad at UWC and various projects with family and friends from all over the world have formed me. It fills me with gratitude when I reach people with my ideas who then enthusiastically participate!

I am Julia and I like to be in contact with people and nature! I discovered my passion in the topic “Machine Learning for Climate Science”. I love spending my free time in the snow or with books and a cup of hot tea. I am filled with hope when I actively participate in the implementation of effective solutions.


Frieder provides colors and good design. As a Wahlkölner (a person who chose to live in Köln), he appreciates the value of a good conversation, whether short or long.

My name is Felix and I help find topics and coordinate the knowledge modules at Unser Dialog. With my involvement in Unser Dialog, I want to help ensure that public debates and decisions are once again based more on facts and not on populist opinions. In addition to my voluntary work, I can be found hiking or climbing in nature.

In the words of the Dalai Lama: “Dialogue means compromise: we accept each other’s opinions.”

It is precisely in this compromise that I see an opportunity to find solutions to the issues that affect our society, which is why I am involved in Unser Dialog. I am Laura, happily attached to my violin since childhood and I can’t resist a good book!

I am Mekselina and I am always up for a deep conversation. My favorite way to spend my free time is playing basketball. I joined Unser Dialog because I know that together we can achieve much more.

I am Mischa. I like to play Go and theater. The world is often confusing and complicated. I want to help see things more clearly so that we can deal better with the world and our fellow human beings.

I am Luca and I am interested in all aspects of psychology, philosophy, sociology, and sustainability. With my involvement in Unser Dialog, I would like to contribute to making lived democracy more self-evident. I believe that we can all achieve more together than we can alone.

My name is Elisabetha and I work for Unser Dialog in the design and external contact teams. My favorite part of the job is working creatively, with an open eye for the unexpected. I believe that we need constant, open exchange with each other to create a more honest and connected society/world where we can grow individually and as a community.

My name is Lukas and I am involved with technology at Unser Dialog. I joined Our Dialogue because I believe that through fact-based and open discussion, we can work together to find solutions to the issues that matter most now and in the future. I spend my free time singing, reading or doing sports.

I am Anna and I stand behind the motto “creativity connects and finds new solutions”. With my experience in art education, I would like to support people at “Unser Dialog” to sometimes think “out-of-the-box”, openly engage with new perspectives, and work together on creative ideas for our future.

I am Natalie, I would like to fill our democracy with more life and contribute to a peaceful and diverse coexistence. I like being outside and in action and I like to deal with natural sciences and politics.

I am Elena and I think you can achieve a lot with language! That’s why I contribute to Unser Dialog in communication because through discourse with each other you can achieve a lot – otherwise, you can find me with a good non-fiction book in the sun!

My name is Max and I am a convinced dialogue lover. Democracy and human coexistence can only function properly if the exchange and discourse about different opinions takes place in a differentiated manner. I would like to contribute to this by getting involved with Unser Dialog. In my free time, I like to cook and deal with topics such as sustainability and philosophy. I also love to travel.

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