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Material and Resources

Here you can find the presentations of our experts as well as the documents generated during the event. The materials and resources may only be used under our current license. Have fun browsing!

Most of these resources are in German.

Module Series “Bundestag Election 2021 – Living Democracy!”

Knowledge Module 1 (Prof.Dr. Oberle, Sven Ivens, Marie-Isabelle Heiß) “How does the Bundestag election work? & Small Parties”

Download the presentation on “Bundestag Elections” here:

Download the Q&A (answered participant questions) on “Election & Small Parties” here:

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Knowledge module 2 (Jamila Schäfer & Jörg Schindler) “Party program of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen & die LINKE”

Download presentation and Q&A (answered participant questions) of Greens and LINKE:

Knowledge Module 3 (Anna Neumann & Korbinian Rüger) “Party programs of FDP and SPD”

Download presentation of FDP and SPD:

Knowledge module 4 (Lothar Riebsamen) “Party program of the CDU/CSU and Q&A on the formation of a coalition”
Dialog module on “What do we wish for over the next 4 years of legislature?”

Download anonymized transcript:

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