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Attention! We currently offer only German-speaking programs. If you wish to register anyways, you can register here. If you wish to initiate an English-speaking program within Unser Dialog please message us.

Participation requirements

  • Legal age
  • Participation in at least one of the modules
  • Consent to the privacy notes
  • Agreement with the event rules
  • Access to internet and browser or alternatively a telephone

Event rules

We will send you these rules in response to your registration. If you do not unsubscribe after receiving the confirmation email from us, we will count on your participation. You agree to the event rules no later than when you log in to the video conference.

Privacy notes

By sending the above email regarding participation in the event series ” Bundestag Election 2021 – Living Democracy!”, I agree that my following personal data:

  • Name, first name
  • Legal age
  • Email address

be processed by “Unser Dialog” in the following manner:

  • Creation of an overview of the participants
  • Storage and backup on European servers
  • We are not liable for possible security risks in the storage medium

The data processing is carried out for the following purposes:

  • Contacting me in order to enable me to participate in events
  • Data publication only with explicit consent (e.g. for experts)

I have given my consent voluntarily and can revoke it at any time with immediate effect in the future. From this point on, my data may no longer be processed and must be deleted immediately. The lawfulness of the processing carried out until then remains unaffected.

I can declare my revocation to “Unser Dialog” in the same way as I gave my consent (by mail to anmelden(at)unserdialog.org) .

FAQ on participation:

  1. Do I have to come to all events when I register? You can choose which events you register for when you register. However, you have to participate in at least one of the events from the respective module series!
  2. I would like to participate only as an audience member, is that possible? Yes, you can select that now! If you are not sure yet, you can decide spontaneously during the event. If you are a listener, you will not participate in breakout room sessions and can keep your microphone and camera turned off the whole time.
  3. Where does the event take place? Online via Big Blue Button.
  4. When will I receive the link to participate? You will receive the link via email the evening before the event at the latest.
  5. Who are the experts? The names of the experts will be announced on our homepage about one week before the event.
  6. How does the dialog work exactly? Please contact us personally so that we can help you!
  7. I am unsure if I meet the technical requirements or I need help with the technical aspects. Write an email to our technical team! We are happy to help you! You can also dial in with your phone, we will gladly write you more information about this.
  8. Can I send you my data via encrypted mail? Yes! Write us a mail with the subject “encryption” and send us your public key. We will then start an encrypted communication with you.