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Our Dialogue about Artificial Intelligence


You can participate in as many events as you want. All of them are open to you. If you participate in more than 20 events via call, you will even receive a certificate of participation! All events will be held in German. Therefore, we require proficiency in the German language.

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Our Dialogue about Artificial Intelligence is a series where you can learn about artificial intelligence (AI), discuss its impacts, and be part of shaping it!

  • Online (Big Blue Button)
  • Every Saturday, 4-6 pm CET
  • Starting 30th July 2022
  • Ending 23rd January 2023 (including a winter break)
  • Certificate of participation
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We have invited both early-career scientists and well-distinguished researchers for our knowledge sessions. When selecting our speakers, we pay special attention to their ability to convey knowledge simply and comprehensibly. We consider the art of “explain like I’m 5” as the highest art of scientific communication 😉

In our dialogue sessions, you can talk with others about AI. Currently, dialogue about AI is mostly happening in industry, politics, and science. Our Dialogue about AI aims to get us all included in that dialogue – because AI impacts us all!

With whom? – Our Speakers

For whom?

For everyone! We especially encourage everyone with a non-technological background to participate – we have created this series specifically for you!

Do you have a limitation (resources, ability, etc.) that prevents you from participating? Or are you in a situation that makes participating difficult? Shoot us an email (ki[at]unserdialog.org) and we will find a way!

What is in there for me?

  • A place for your questions & a place where you are heard
  • Exchange and exciting discussions about AI
  • More in-depth understanding of AI
  • Certificate (for your CV)

Please note that this does not apply to participants of the live stream or those who attended only a few selected events.

Why is AI important now?

AI is important now because we are at the beginning of major societal changes. Imagine it like being in the 1970s of climate crisis history – right now we can still do a lot!

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We understand and see the fundamental problems of AI today. We are also at a point in history where we can direct what future AI will look like. And to this end, we must include the general public: in AI policymaking, AI development processes, and AI funding decisions. Now is precisely the right time to start social participation in AI!

And why this series?

We are offering this series because current AI education primarily targets a tech audience. There are numerous university lectures, and one can find endless material about AI online. However, they are all aimed at an audience with prior knowledge! Or at persons who can speak English!

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What about pupils who often do not learn anything about AI at school? What about all the “tech-grannies” (and don’t we all have our “tech granny” moments ;D)? What about all those of us who only know AI from the media??

All those who ask themselves, “Can AI take over the world?” or “Can computers feel?” or “Do we need to regulate AI?” have a hard time finding reputable places where these questions can be discussed. And that’s precisely why we offer a forum for them. Your questions will be heard, and you can finally learn what AI is.

How does this series work?

You can see the full schedule further below.

Modules, sessions and participation …

There are three modules:

  1. What is AI? (30th July – 13th August)
  2. AI and You (20th August – 03rd September)
  3. AI and Us (from 10th September)

There are three types of sessions:

  • Knowledge sessions
  • Dialogue sessions
  • A mixture of both
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There are two ways to participate:

  • Actively
  • Live stream
We can issue certificates of participation for those who are actively participating and have attended at least 20 events.

And what happens after the series?

Afterward, we would like to initiate an AI Citizens’ Council.

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Our role model is the Climate Citizens’ Assembly of Germany. The participants of a Citizens’ Assembly are randomly selected. But the randomization process takes representing the whole population properly into account. Those drawn learn what AI is and develop legislative proposals within two years. In Germany, the Citizens’ Assembly’s suggestion must then be discussed by the Bundestag. This way, the general population can be actively involved in AI policymaking. If you want to know more about the concept of a Citizens’ Assembly, check out buergerrat.de.


At a glance: The AI series starts on 30th July 2022 and takes place every Saturday from 4 to 6 pm.

Presentations and additional material will be uploaded here.

Date & TimeTopicSpeaker
30th Jul 2022, 4-6 pmDialogue module: What do you know about AI?Internal moderation
06th Aug 2022, 4-6 pmWhat is AI?Julia Kaltenborn
13th Aug 2022, 4-6 pmDialogue module: How has your view on AI changed?Internal moderation
20th Aug 2022, 4-6 pmWhere do you encounter AI in everyday life?Jonas Kraasch
27th Aug 2022, 4-6 pmWhat are my rights concerning AI?Eduard Seeger
03rd Sep 2022, 4-6 pmDialogue module: AI and UsInternal moderation
10th Sep 2022, 4-6 pmBreak
17th Sep 2022, 4-6 pmAI fact-checkingLukas Schießer
24th Sep 2022, 4-6 pmAI in the judiciary systemElisabeth Paar
01st Oct 2022, 4-6 pmAI in companiesMichael Kramarsch
08th Oct 2022, 4-6 pmAI for climate and nature conservationTBA
15th Oct 2022, 4-6 pmAI and informationTBA
22nd Oct 2022, 4-6 pmAI in war and peaceTBA
29th Oct 2022, 4-6 pmNeutrality of AITBA
05th Nov 2022, 4-6 pmAI in educationDr. Tobias Thelen
12th Nov 2022, 4-6 pmAI in medicine and healthcareTBA
19th Nov 2022, 4-6 pmAI and artAriana Dongus
26th Nov 2022, 4-6 pmAI in agricultureProf. Joachim Hertzberg
03rd Dec 2022, 4-6 pmAI and discriminationEva Gengler
10th Dec 2022, 4-6 pmHow can societies influence AI?TBA
17th Dec 2022, 4-6 pmHow can governments influence AI?Dr. Theresa Züger
14th Jan 2023, 4-6 pmHow can non-governmental organizations influence AI?Dr. Anne Mollen
21st Jan 2023, 4-6 pmHow can scientific organizations influence AI?TBA
28th Jan 2023, 4-6 pmDialogue Module: ConclusionsInternal moderation


Here, you can find more resources:

  • AI Poster: Feel free to share it online and offline!
  • Project description: When we invite our speakers, we share this sheet of information with them. Maybe it is also of interest to you?
  • All presentations and additional materials are uploaded here.